Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Why I'm loving being an Insider at Stylehunter.com

I love to write.

Especially about fashion.

I'm also getting pretty inspired by 'ol Canberra town these days. We have new boutiques, restaurants and bars a plenty and even have a so-called 'hipster' hub in Braddon that is positvely brimming with coolness.

Canberra? Cool? Ya reckon?

This would have been my reaction a few years after moving back from London, but not anymore. Nope. Canberra is inspiring me daily and our burgeoning fashion industry is most certainly taking off in the most intriguing way.

So, with all of my recent observations, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Stylehunter.com picked me to be their new fashion 'Insider' for Canberra. This was hugely exciting for me as a) Stylehunter is a bible of all things stylish and to contribute to it is a DREAM b) I can write more about what I love and c) I can share some of Canberra's newly found street-cred to a global audience.

There are insiders all across the world- from London to Sydney to New York and our role is to bring light to all the fabulously stylish goings-on in our cities.

Mission accepted!

Here are my first couple of posts if you fancy a read:



So stay tuned for all my Insider musings and if you feel like the world simply MUST know about something exciting happening in our fair city- please let me know so I can share the love!




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