Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Body-shape series: The Inverted Triangle

We're talking body-shapes at the moment...and we're powering ahead!

In my last two posts I covered Apple and Pear shapes. So if you're either of those two shapes you should be feeling a bit more comfortable about what should suit you and what to avoid.

Now I'm putting the limelight on a shape that is referred to less often than Apple's and Pear's but is nevertheless just as common- The Inverted Triangle.

The easiest way to explain this shape is to think of it as an upside-down Pear ie broader at the top and leaner at the bottom.

The main elements of an Inverted Triangle are:

1. Shoulders are broader than hips- those referred to as having 'swimmer's shoulders' are usually this shape
2. May have a larger bust
3. A waist is there but is not defined
4. Lean legs
5. May have a flat or flattish bottom

As dressing for your body shape is all about balance and bringing your body in proportion, it is important for Inverted Triangle's to add some shape to their bottom half while minimising their top half.

Inverted Triangle Do's:

1. Stick to v-neck's or low scoops on tops and dresses- this has a narrowing effect
2. Choose block colours, preferably in bold and dark hues, on your top half
3. Define your waist with belts or pick jackets and tops that cinch you in
4. Don a peplum or a-line skirt- it will add shape to your hips!
5. Wear prints, light colours or horizontal stripes on your bottom half
6. Wide leg pants will balance you out
7. A statement shoe will draw attention to your pins!

Inverted Triangle Don'ts:

1. Avoid shoulder pads and cap sleeves- these will emphasise your shoulders
2. Steer clear of ruffles and embellishment around your bust and shoulders
3. No bold prints up top!
4. Avoid heavy collars on jackets
5. Be careful with statement necklaces that sit too high- these will add bulk to, and draw attention to, your top half. A long pendant will make you appear leaner.

So now you're sorted Inverted Triangles! Happy shopping!

Next post...the Rectangle shape...xx

A long pendant necklace like this one will draw attention towards the waist. It's also instantly elongating!


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  2. So glad it was helpful for you Christina :)