Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Body-shape Series: Pear Shape

My second post in the Body-shape Series is going to focus on the feminine, curvy PEAR shape.

I'm a Pear so know this shape to the tee. I'd like to think I know exactly what flatters me after all these years living in my Pear-y body (even being 15 kilos heavier at once stage I stayed a Pear) so allow me to share with you some tips and tricks...

What exactly is a Pear Shape?

The Pear is a very feminine shape, with:

1. A narrower upper-half, with slender shoulders and arms
2. A well-defined waist
3. Bottom heavy- with a fuller bum and thighs (and potentially larger lower legs and a bit of a tum)
4. A smallish bust

As I've mentioned previously, most women tend to think they are a Pear, even if they aren't. I put this down to the fact that us lady folk usually think we have big thighs and bums, even if they are totally in proportion!

Women usually grimace when referring to themselves as a Pear but for all of us who are this shape, I'd like to tell you a story. When talking to a lovely lady the other day at a fashion event, she asked me what shape she was and I responded that she was a Pear. She grimaced, on cue. Her partner then piped in and said that the Pear shape was his favourite. I asked why. He got quite enthusiastic actually and said 'It's so womanly! I love the curves of the Pear. What's not to like about a good bum and womanly hips?! It's soooo sexy." Grimace vanished. 

So there you go! Flaunt the Pear ladies!

Pear Shape Do's:

1. Always, always, ALWAYS emphasise that tiny waist! This is your best asset, so don't hide it under baggy clothes. PLEASE!
2. Balance out your proportions by slimming your bottom half. This can be achieved by wearing dark, block colours from the waist down.
3. Draw attention to your slender upper half with pretty prints, ruffles or embellishment.
4. Wear a statement necklace as a focal point to draw the eye to your bust and decolletage.
5. Belt everything!
6. Wear high-waisted a-line skirts to emphasise your waist and skim over your bottom and thighs.
7. Wear wide leg pants to balance out your legs
8. 50's style dresses and wrap styles are your best friend!
9. Small shoulder pads on tops and jackets can balance out your larger bottom half

Pear Shape Dont's:

1. Avoid drop-waists and baggy tops- these are completely hiding that waist!
2. No skinny jeans- these will emphasise your full thighs.
3. Avoid busy prints and light colours on the bottom- these are maximising.
4. Tight, pencil skirts can be unflattering and emphasise a larger bottom
5. Shorts that stop mid-thigh are generally a no-no- these cut you at your largest point
6. Shift dresses will give you no shape and make you look boxy

Hope that helps! If you have any questions- make sure you comment and I'll answer anything you need 


I'm a Pear. A slight Pear. But still a Pear.


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