Friday, 23 August 2013

A Wardrobe Audit? What's that?

The Ultimate Wardrobe, non?

Ah Spring. How I've missed thee.

I daresay we're not quite through with Winter yet but today is the first day in months that I've opened the doors and windows for most of the day and have picked the first delightful crop of jonquils to display in a big vase in my kitchen. I even sat outside for a bit reading Vogue in the sun.


I don't know about you but as soon as these sunny skies start appearing after months of Winter chilliness, I start wanting to get organised. I push the re-start button in Spring and my attention turns to health, the new season fashion and Spring-cleaning. I get strangely interested in de-cluttering and arraying my life and home.

And what better place to start than my wardrobe!

I have a few Wardrobe Audits coming up with my clients and it got me thinking about how important it is to do a good 'ol fashioned wardrobe clear-out from time to time. Every 6 months, I make sure I clear out the items that are no longer serving me, are tired or I've simply lost interest in as my style evolves.

So what exactly is a Wardrobe Audit and what are the advantages of booking one with me?

A wardrobe audit is the perfect way to start your new style journey. I like to recommend a wardrobe audit before personal shopping as you need to first have a clear idea about what items are in your existing wardrobe before you try to add to it.

1. We will begin with a consultation to assess your needs, uncover a new style that is uniquely you and ascertain your shape and what colours and styles will suit you.

2. We will de-clutter and array your existing wardrobe, identifying which pieces are no longer serving you.

3. We will identify which items could be brought back to life with tailoring, mending or dry-cleaning.

4. We will ‘shop your wardrobe’- making combinations from existing pieces and creating new outfits that you may not have previously thought of.

5. We will make a shopping list of items missing from your wardrobe that will maximise your current options.

At the end of the audit, I hope you will have clarity and direction and be ready for the next part of your style journey!

If you would like to book in with me for a Wardrobe Audit, email me at


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