Thursday, 24 January 2013

Paying it forward. Beautifully.

Recently one of my gorgeous friends Megan, from the lovely Liebe Bluhm, did a very sweet thing.

She posted on her facebook page that the first 5 people to 'like' or comment on the post would receive a little vintage treasure in the mail. Just because. Because it's wonderful to receive gifts in the mail. It makes you smile.

It was Megan's way of 'paying it forward'.

I liked the post because I thought it was a beautiful idea, completely missing that if you liked it, you got sent the gift!

When I said this to Megan, she insisted I was a worthy candidate and a few days ago I went to the letterbox and found a sweet little package in there.


I unwrapped the delicate tissue paper to find a gorgeous vintage scarf and adorable vintage fruit-bowl earrings. They were SO me. Just another reason why this gift was so special- Megan had put real thought into what she gave me.

So, to my very sweet friend, THANK YOU. You really made me smile and brightened a week that needed brightening.

Megan modelling on a shoot we collaborated on for She's sweet AND a babe!

It's kind gestures like these that fill the world with love.



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