Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Twitter! Where have you been all my life?!

Oh dear.

Twitter. Obsession. Creeping. In. Slowly.

I joined yesterday and already I'm hooked!

Would this make a cute Twitter profile pic?

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get involved. It's like a treasure trove of info, goss and inspiration!

Already I'm going around, following everyone willy nilly. Is there etiquette on here? I'm sure there is but hell, I don't know what it is yet so I'm just going to tweet 'til my heart's content.

I already told Gok Wan I'm enjoying his autobiography. Which brings me to my next question: Can one simply write to big celebrities and have a chat or is this not the done thing? Maybe I need to ease myself in.

All this direct access is exciting though! I squealed when my favourite astrologer started following me.

Does everyone else do that? Or am I a bit of a Twitter- nerd?

I'm intrigued- what's your Twitter personality like?

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  1. Oh this is hilarious because I only just joined Twitter this morning and I feel the same way. Bit overwhelmed, not sure where to start but I can see this could become as addictive as FB! I'll follow you once I know what I'm doing! :)

    1. I only just figured out to enable my comments (I'm so not technical!) so it's taken me until now to write back! Glad I'm not alone on this one but I think I've started to figure it all out! Are you feeling a bit more comfy with Twitter now? I am addicted...as I figured would be the case!

  2. Hey Annie, it's so great to connect with more Canberra based bloggers. You have such a gorgeous blog! It took me a while to warm up to twitter but I really enjoy it now and use it a lot better too! Look forward to meeting you at the blogger get-together!

  3. Thanks so much Vanisha- looking forward to meeting you too! I really want to get to the next meet-up. We'll have to connect on Twitter- I really love it now!