Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Moving Mannequins at Westfield VIP Night and sparkly pants

Happy (belated) Easter everyone!

I hope it was sunny, relaxing, joyous and full of Cadbury!

I know I've been a tad quiet...it has been hectic. With the launch of AW13 fashion and everyone deciding that it's time for a new Winter wardrobe (myself included), it's been quite a time!

I do love Autumn and especially all the Winter clothes that are coming out. Boots, jackets, plush scarves ahhh bliss. The only thing I don't like about Autumn is that is comes just before Winter. Cold + Annie= cold grumpy Annie.

Anywho, speaking of Winter fashion, I wanted to share some pics from the VIP night I was involved in at Westfield Belconnen.

I had the very fun task of styling 'Moving Mannequins' for the event. They were styled according to decades to coincide with the Canberra Centenary. Each MM was dressed in pieces from the 50's to Now- identifiable to each decade but still wearable.

Madge, Debs, Audrey and Elvis- dream team!

I also got up and had a little chat on-stage. Do I look nervous? I know I was meant to picture everyone naked or something but I forgot and well...the crowd was larger than I had expected! I hope my sparkly pants didn't blind the audience!

Chatting away.

Can't wait for the next event!



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