Monday, 5 November 2012

I am totally a Pear Shape. Or am I?

One of the most frequently asked questions by my client's is 'What is my body-shape?', usually swiftly followed by 'What should I wear to suit my body-shape?'.

It got me a thinkin'. Perhaps I should do a series of posts about the main body shapes and how you can identify which one you are and how to then dress to best flatter your shape.

Good plan me!

Let's begin.

There are 5 main body shapes for women. These are:

Inverted Triangle

When I ask women what they think their body shape is, the most common answer is 'Pear'. We all think we're a Pear for some reason. I think that is because very few of us are completely satisfied with our hips, bums and thighs!

However there are a few more factors to consider when determining your body shape which I will run through over the next few posts.

Once you know what your body shape is, and the do's and dont's associated with dressing for your particular shape, making the right shopping and outfit choices gets so much easier.

I do believe that dressing for your body-shape is the number one factor in dressing well. This is because if you dress to show off your assets, while hiding the bits you don't love so much you will a) always wear outfits that are flattering b) you will feel comfortable in your clothes and c) you will radiate confidence from knowing you look your best!

Say tuned for my tips for the 5 main body shapes in upcoming posts...


Nice Pear!


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