Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Body-shape Series: The Hourglass Shape

Hello again!

This is my fourth post in The Body-shape series, where I have been running through the different body shapes and the tips and tricks to flatter each of them.

I've gone through the Apple, Pear and Inverted Triangle and I hope you found my advice helpful. For all you Hourglass shapes out there, don't fret! I will be running through your shape in detail in this very post!

The Hourglass shape is generally perceived to be the most ideal of the shapes. This is mostly because the top and bottom halves are in proportion and it is an insanely womanly, sexy figure. 

Lucky you if you have:
1. A great bust
2. A well-defined waist
3. Womanly hips, and 
4. A booty!

Yes, I just said booty. When discussing an hourglass shape, it just fits.

So if this is you- how should you dress your figure to flatter in all the right places?

Hourglass Do's:

1. It's all about the waist. Belt it. Cinch it. Reveal it. Just don't hide it!
2. Necklines should be v-neck, a low scoop or a sweetheart neckline to show off that cleavage!
3. You can wear printed dresses as you are in proportion- just make sure you belt them
4. Draw attention to your bust with a pretty necklace
5. Elongate your legs with a nude pump heel
6. Invest in a good bra and shapewear- sometimes curvy bodies need a bit of smoothing in the right places!
7. Make sure jackets are tailored at the waist
8. A-line and pencil skirts with a high waist will flatter your curves

Hourglass Dont's:

1. Don't hide under baggy clothes or hide your waist- you will look bigger and boxy
2. Avoid pants that are too clingy- a wide-led pair of pants in a darker hue that has a higher waistline will make you look long and lean
3. Skinny-leg jeans can look unflattering- go for a boot-leg instead
4. Don't show too much leg or too much bust simultaneously. You know the rule!

So make sure you flaunt it ladies!

Next post...The Rectangle Shape...


This dress is Wheels and Dollbaby- they do amazing dresses to suit an hourglass. As you can see on my gorgeous model Laura!


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