Sunday, 4 November 2012

It's OK to enlist some (style) help y'know?

So now to the serious stuff.

Through my job as a stylist, I talk to many women and men on a weekly basis about concerns they have about their own personal style.

Not many of the client’s that come to see me are 100% comfortable with their current look, hence why they enlist me for some help.

It often takes a bit of soul-searching to come to the realization that you need help in a certain area of your life. More often than not, my client’s feel they’ve lost touch with what suits them and sometimes, feel like they’ve lost their mojo completely. We all get into ruts. But the first step is always to identify that you need some help…and then enlist it! Just as people see personal trainers and nutritionists when they need an overhaul with their eating and exercise patterns, women and men come to me to get their image on track.

Being a naturally empathetic person (I’m a Piscean, enough said), I really tune in to what is going on behind the clothes. So much of how we feel is wrapped up in how we feel we look. So if you’ve lost your way with how you dress and present, there is usually a reason why. And once you can identify that, the real transformation can begin.

Many of the women that come to see me are looking for a lift and a boost of confidence. We can all do with that from time to time! I think that is why we love watching shows like Trinny and Susannah and Gok Wan’s ‘How to Look Good Naked’ on TV. We can all relate to the women and men who undergo makeovers on these shows as they all have a story to tell and a reason why they are there. They have lost their self-confidence which reflects in how they present themselves to the world.

Not everyone is in the middle of a confidence crisis though. Some women and men are simply time-poor, their bodies have changed due to pregnancy or losing/ gaining weight, are unsure about what suits them or need help finding the perfect outfit for an event.

Whatever the reason for coming to see me, one thing is clear. By the end of our appointments, my client’s have a renewed sense of confidence, feel up-lifted and motivated, feel pretty and dare I say it, sexy! They also have the newly-found skills to shop on their own and make the right decisions about what suits them and what to avoid.

This is why I love what I do so much. The transformative power of clothes can be so positive. I want all my clients to be not just looking good but FEELING good. The first step is to realize you deserve it.


Photography by Rohan Thompson


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